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Apr. 4th, 2005 @ 04:19 pm Princess wins again.
Current Mood: depresseddepressed
Princess wins again. She ruined my family life last week by sending out emails to my family. I cant look any of them in the face any more. They all think I'm a freak! Like not even human. The one emailed me back and told me I was a sicko. She had talked to the others and they all received and viewed the pics. i told her I was blackmailed into doing the pis. I apologized and told her I was embarrassed. The rest of the family hasn't been talking with me for the most part. I am sooo humiliated. I cried when i orginally saw the email. i couldn't beleive my eyes. Who would do something like this to me??? Totally wreck a family? Of course it was Princesss.

I begged and pleaded to buy my life back. I am hoping to borrow $5-7k. So of course Princess sets my bail at $12k. She decided she wants some money today. I went overlimit my cc to get her only $500. now i owe 11500 for payoff. Not sure how I got it to go through. I was desperate - since she was threatening to send out more emails. I'm lucky she didnt demand more of me today.
I was in hiding from Princess because she wiped me totally out of money. Debt too! I am so overmaxed, it's unreal. So I've been hiding from Princess since I had nothing to offer - that was a huge mistake.
my pathetic life
Oct. 11th, 2004 @ 02:59 pm Princess treating me like a toy or a dog
Princess grabbed well over $1000 from me this weekend. Left me in shambles. It's not near the most she's taken from me in a short period of time, but it's the most painful. I am in dire straits. I was planning to pay very delinquent bills with that money, but now it's long gone. And NO WAY in HELL will she give it back.
She wants me take pics of all my stuff and sell on ebay for a fundraiser for her, and she wants me to suck a guy's cock.
I was just on an IM Conference with niggaslave and Princess. She made me beg him for .... IT.
I have been on IM, and she sends through these "adibles" noise, voices, comments, that interrupt my work and workplace.
She doesnt care because it amuses her.
She treats me like a dog or toy she can kick around whenever she wants. Or like some inanimate object. Maybe like a ball she continually throws against the wall.
Princess explained the facts to me like no one else could. I am fat. Ugly, Vile, Disgusting, Gross. Bald. Uninterresting personality. Broke. Tiny little dick. And totally useless to anyone except her to abuse.
She really depressed me by making me realize all this. I feel soooo lowly.
I am depressed and my depression gives me migraine headaches.
I guess things are progressing along just as planned for Princess.
my pathetic life
Oct. 5th, 2004 @ 01:22 pm Mega Screwed
I am such deep shit! Princess has been taking my money from my debit card in bulk. My bank called me because I am $4000 in the red. They let me overcharge because I USED TO BE a valued customer. I see that's about to change.
I was at lunch today with a girl I have been dating before I realized my debit card was overmaxed. I told her I would treat, so she didn't bring any money. I didn't have any cash and my debit card was declined. I was spared doing dishes because an old neighbor witnessed this and treated. How embarrassing!
My woman was displeased with me and told me that she has serious concerns about me if I can't be more responsible. I was really mad at that and told her that I was concerned about her if she couldn't be more responsible about her health/weight (she is a big girl). She started balling and swearing at me. I apologized over and over and over and told her I didn't mean it. I only hope she forgives me. I asked Princess if she would be so kind as to help me send her flowers since I am megabroke. She was kind and willing. So she is baiting me for the address. I am desperate and might have to take my chances - even though Princess contemplated sending her dead flowers or snacks.
I accidentally called Princess from work today. Now I am even more screwed (if that's possible) as Princess has this number.
How can I find my way out??? I am boxed in with nowhere to go. I think I'll go cry again.
my pathetic life
Oct. 2nd, 2004 @ 01:25 pm what the fuck have i done????
Current Mood: depresseddepressed
Holy Shit! What the fuck have i done?????? Did you enjoy my payday celebration????

i did cry again this morning. I'd be begging on my hands and knees for some refund if i thought i might have a chance to get some back. But you'll give me the usual "fuck you".

i am a wreck, financially, legally, at work, emotionally etc. What have you done to me???? This shit is WAY out of control and needs to stop immediately!!!!!
I cant believe i gave you all that money. Especially the cash i mailed that doesn't belong to me. I am in such trouble. A serious world of hurt.

I have nothing left to give, no money, no heart, no soul - you're taken it all. So now leave me alone and go ruin someone elses life. I am crying again. bye forever

Please consider at least sending me back some cash. I still cant believe what we've done. Your friend helped weakened me. No more talking to her, you or........ I am DONE with this stuff. HOLY SHIT!
my pathetic life
Sep. 26th, 2004 @ 02:29 am back to bitch
princess whipped me back in shape. i am her bitch again and she now runs my life. back to normal! (normal as She would have it)
my ass hurt for three days from the sausage.
my pathetic life
Sep. 23rd, 2004 @ 10:58 pm Lesson Learned
Princess took 1700 from me two nights ago. Money came from work sources. When I woke up the next day, I freaked out and was afraid of losing my job. I contacted Princess for a refund and wanted desperately to work out a payment plan. She flatly refused and told me to fuck off.
I continued to push because I was very desperate - but I didnt get anywhere. For a brief moment I even considered cancelling my charges. But then Princess took action to ensure that wouldnt happen. She retrieved family info and let me know how she would use it. I apoligized and told her I would never cancel and would never again consider doing so. I then thanked her for taking my money. Now I need to go to a "Check and Cash" to recover that money and keep my job. How humiliating! Ever seen the losers in those lines????
Moral of the story: NEVER fuck with Princess, she'll only make you suffer worse. Thanks dearly Princess for that wonderful training.
my pathetic life
Sep. 22nd, 2004 @ 12:38 am Fatass Joe took it between his big cheeks this time
Tonight, Goddess brought me to my knees as I was trying to find the door to leaving her forever. She had some gay sounding guy call my friend Mary saying something about me standing him up. How embarrassing!
Then she threatened to call mama. I had no choice but to bend over then. But I didnt have any money.
Therefore, she made me charge $500 to my company cc and borrow (and mail to her) $500 in cash that doesnt belong to me.
She earned two chances at me losing my job from each $500 she took from me today. I feel so trapped by her. I just hope I can weasel out of this at work!
my pathetic life
Aug. 16th, 2004 @ 11:55 pm Princess has prevailed
i am vile i am sick....... i am disgusting.......... i have no dick........my name is Joe......... I'm under a Princess spell....... she kicks my balls......... I buy her a Dell............she tells me I'm fat.......my girlfriend too......... she harrasses my family.........makes me eat poo.......she is my vice........ wont let me leave.......she hords my money..... savings i cant retrieve......my life is a wreck...... thanks to my addiction......i am broke and hopeless......just like her prediction.......Princess has prevailed..... my accouts are at zero....... i have nothing left......but a Princess Hero.
my pathetic life
Aug. 15th, 2004 @ 06:22 am Desperate
Current Mood: depresseddepressed
Thank you for making sure all my checks bounce. I have just lost $2,050 to Princess tonight. I anticipate at least 15 checks bouncing. My friends say I can live here until I get on my feet. Mary told me about some strange phone calls. I told her that it was an ex-girlfriend being vindictive. I was so embarrassed and felt like such a loser. Chrysler sent me the third and final notice. They are going to repo my jeep if I don't pay. This sucks so much.

Just when I think I am going to get back on my feet she pulls the carpet out from under me again. I want to throw my hands up in the air and scream for help. I have done this and nobody listens. Is there any end? I feel like I am in a hopeless spiral that leads to nowhere.
As I am sliding down the spiral I feel nothing but kicks in the head from Princess. I continue to search for the words to describe where I am. Somebody help me. What is the word that describes so far beneath hopeless that I see nothing but black.
my pathetic life
Jul. 27th, 2004 @ 01:17 am (no subject)
I got a new job wed. working at a gas station wiping off cars after they go through the carwash. I almost lost that job because some people came through that I recognized and I had to run and hide. My boss didn't appreciate that. I'm living with a friend because I am still homeless. I have been penny pinching to save money to move out but the Princess sideswiped me tonight and took all my money. Today she got $2,400 from me. I'm so screwed. I don't know why I keep doing this. I just keep getting myself deeper into trouble.
my pathetic life